While ANO Computing may be my side business, I take it very seriously and I am strived at providing great business value to all my clients by leveraging the power of open source technologies as frameworks to deliver cost-effective solution in rapid execution.

Predominantly I focus on software development side of business and build small to mediuam-scale CMS sites and customized business applications. I do offer full web-related services from domain name registration, web hosting, search engine optimization to various webmaster activities such as periodical content updates.

I am not a designer but I do have sharp eyes to create clean and modern websites by utilizing latest UI frameworks and available web templates. For those who have very specific design requirements, I can work with either my design agency partners or your own design team to transform a static design into a dynamic web application.

If you are interested to test drive some of my past projects, please drop me a message and I will gladly forward you an access URL. It is not exposed publicly due to confidential and security reasons.

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Technical Skills

  • LAMP - Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP
  • JavaScript - DOM scripting
  • HTML/CSS - hand-writing standards compliant
  • OOP - Object-Oriented Programming
  • MVC - Model-View-Controller Design
  • Working knowledge - XML, AJAX, JSON, Web 2.0
  • Familiar with major Web APIs
  • HTML5 Mobile App Development - Androids, BlackBerry 10